Annual Budget / Financial Documents

Click on the following link to open/download Budget Documents for Midway Fire District:

FY2023 Final Budget


FY2021 Final Budget


FY2019 Final Budget

FY2018 Final Budget

FY2017 Final Budget

FY 2016 Final Budget

FY 2015 Final Budget

Click on the following link to open/download Financial Statements and Supplemental Information:

2021 Financial Statement

2020 Financial Statement

2019 Financial Statement

  2018 Financial Statement

2017 Financial Statement

 2016 Financial Statement

2015 Financial Statement

2014 Financial Statement

Click on the following link to open/download the current 5 and 7 Year Plans approved for Midway Fire District:

Midway Fire District-2018 through 2022 

Midway Fire District-2019 through 2025
For copies of previous years financial documents, please contact Fire Administration at 850-932-4771

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