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ISO Rating 3/3Y

The Midway Fire District was recently re-graded by ISO officials and has received a Public Protection Rating of a 3/3Y to be effective December 1, 2014. ISO (Insurance Services Office) is a third party industry funded by U.S. property insurance companies sent in to assess a community's risk and preparedness through the Public Protection Classification (PPC) program. Most insurance companies use the PPC to help establish premiums for fire insurance. Generally speaking, a lower classification resulting from better fire protection, usually results in lower insurance premiums. The PPC program expert staff collect data from 3 key elements of the jurisdiction. The areas evaluated include: the fire department in general, communications,  and the water supply available for use. The data is then analyzed and a rating is assessed.

Midway Fire District continuously strives to provide quality services to its citizens.

More information about ISO can be found online at ISO's Website and also locate the closest fire hydrants to your house by visiting Santa Rosa County's website.

ISO Grading Reports (download essential information for your insurance company.)

ISO Rating Letter 2014


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